William Rondo


William Rondo





Family Members

William Rondo is a ball player and member of the Rondo Family. He is the son of Amber Rondo, brother of Rajon, Anton and Dymon Rondo, uncle of Ryelle Rondo, and brother-in-law of Ashley Bachelor.


Will was a football player who ultimately earned a full ride to Murray State. Rajon, five years younger, started down that path, as well a quarterback in football, a pitcher in baseball and a point guard in basketball. He liked being in charge.


Very competitive," Will said. "We all were." "God placed good people around us," Will said. "Everyone in the neighborhood came over," recalled Will Rondo, Rajon's older brother. "They'd come knocking on our door first thing in the morning. Rain, sleet or snow, we'd be out there."

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